Terms Of Use

Indicator light description

1. Indicator light will be on for about 4 seconds for self-testing after connecting with power.

2. Indicator light flashes every 3 seconds at standby mode.

3. Indicator light will always be on at charging mode.

4. Flashing indicator light on shows output voltage is too low to charge. Change to stronger power and/or use QC 2.0 adapter. 

5. Fast flashing indicator light on or light off shows charger and mobile device are not stably connected. Readjust the connection and make sure there is no metal placed between charger and receiver. 

Safety Instructions

Read and follow all safety instructions.

1. EnergyPad's applicable operation temperature range is from 0℃ to 30℃ (or 32F to 86F) and can be stored at ambient temperature between -20℃ to 50℃ (or -4F to 122F) with ambient humidity less than or equal to 90%. EnergyPad or battery of the charging mobile device may be damaged if EnergyPad is not being used properly.

2. Avoid EnergyPad receiving violent impact or intentional pressing, exposing to the sun and rain, or getting contact with corrosive substances. Keep away from fire.

3. Use EnergyPad with certified adapter ONLY or those applied to international standard rules (5V/2A, 9V/1.67A).

4. Do not disassemble, modify or repair EnergyPad. 


1. EnergyPad is not working.

Check and make sure EnergyPad's USB plug-in is well connected to proper power and/or adapter.

2. Mobile device is power off during charging or not being fully charged.

Check and make sure the adapter is a certified product or those applied only to international standard rules.

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